To be accused of a criminal offence is a very serious matter which entails grim ramifications. One risks to be deprived of the most important and essential right: freedom. Further than a possible jail sentence, one will carry a criminal record which may perturb severely one's reputation. This could persist throughout one's entire life, limiting access to the USA, work opportunities and generating hindrances with immigration bodies.

During his career, Me Dawson acquired a broad experience in Canadian criminal law. He conducted countless criminal cases, whence he obtained a unique opportunity to further his legal knowledge and to enhance his skills as a jurist and pleader at all levels; that is, court of Qu̩bec, Superior court and court of appeal.

Whether at the arrest, appearance or arraignment, bail hearing, preliminary hearing, trial or sentencing, as well as appeals and judicial revisions, Me Dawson will represent you in a professional, competent, human and assertive manner and will pay particular attention to individual needs of your case. As such and due to his experience, Me Dawson comprehends your worries, fear, anxiety and distress. Thus, if you have been arrested or accused, communicate with him without delay.


Municipal courts, court of Quebec, Superior court and court of Appeals.


Montreal and surrounding areas (Laval, Longueuil, Valleyfield, St-Jer̫me, Ch̢teauguay, Sorel, St-jean, Joliette, etc.), Gatineau and surroundings as well as eastern Ontario.


Barreau du Québec

Ministère de la justice du Québec

El Directorio Comercial de Montreal

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